Úbiqa, tecnología, ideas y comunicación researches and analyses new technology, and new social customs and their impact on citizens, to design and carry out participative social communication projects through media- and digital-literacy processes. The aim consists of making available to citizens tools for generating content and presenting their visions of reality through interactive and participative audio-visual platforms.

In recent years, Úbiqa has been experimenting with new participative audio-visual production models using mobile telephones as recording tools, and with making themed trails and maps of territories using various tools and types of narrative.

At Úbiqa we conceive of our projects as tales that unfold transversally on various recording media and which make it possible to create new narratives and stories enriched through the multiplicity of ways of looking that seek to encourage citizen involvement and training to construct, create, disseminate and distribute citizen-knowledge through the communications media, taking into account the new digital recording media.