Identibuzz is a social communication project which works on the new European identities built up on the cultural mix of the continent’s residents. It aims to represent the new identities that are being constructed in various territories.
identibuzz involves and empowers citizens in the use of new technologies and in the development of new digital narrative discourses about their identities and surroundings, creating a space for connecting and a communications network with hubs for different territories to liaise with one another.

The project’s main aim is to engage in collaborative and participatory audio-visual dynamics, seeking to share the interaction and community-living experiences and practices of the indigenous and foreign populations, bringing out the value of multiculturality and fostering interculturality, and taking on board permeability between cultures as a force for innovation and change.

Identibuzz sets out to be an inclusive activity in which different cultures can intermingle and experience the dynamics of a collaborative exercise, and can express themselves and get their opinions across, from their own points of view, creating a shared story about their reality and identities.

The intention is to generate a mosaic that will reflect the cultural diversity with which people living in different territories approach and relate to their surroundings and one another, encouraging people of different cultures to form relationships and get to know one another, and fostering community living.


Identibuzz sets out to be an exercise that energizes society and boosts the body of citizens’ participation and involvement in co-creating content and conveying it to interested persons. It sets out to promote digital and media training of the body of citizens, articulating new grassroot digital narratives.


Identibuzz’ dynamics, based on the participatory video, are essentially practical. They are of a social and community nature, where what matters is that a group of people – not directly connected with the making of the production – get together, have something to say and want to use this audio-visual tool to convey their message.
The identibuzzing plan of work that we use is structured around crash training courses for citizens, and based on horizontal audio-visual communication and concepts such as citizen-journalism and Web 2.0.

The crash training courses for citizens analyse documentary and audio-visual techniques and strategies applied to new communication technologies, and a dialogue is started up on discourse mechanisms and tools for creating digital narratives.

These courses suggest dynamics and structures for analysing the immediate surroundings through mind-maps that help bring the context into focus. These dynamics also provide techniques for making recordings and conducting interviews using mobile phones as documentary recording tools.

In the days following the crash courses the project participants, organized in groups, map the territories seeking out interviews, actions and activities that will explain the context to be documented.

Organizing the project around the making of participatory videos makes it possible to show what it is like to be inside the communities looking out, through real-life dynamics. The participatory video is an opportunity to bring together various cultural identities present in the neighbourhoods and put them in touch with one another so as to create new social relationships of an intercultural nature.

An example of the production process

Gráfico_Estructura de Producción_EN